greta teaches monday 5:30p vinyasa & 7p vin + restore and Saturday morning vinyasa. join us!

Greta is a sincere student and deep practitioner of yoga. She has been teaching yoga internationally for over 20 years. Greta has mentored with some of the top teachers in the yoga and Ayurveda world and received certification in both Anusara and Vinyasa since she started teaching in 2000. She taught yoga extensively in Los Angeles, Bangkok, Brazil and New York before moving to Seattle.

Serving as the Co-Director and a lead teacher for Rasa Yoga, Greta facilitates Rasa Yoga Teacher Trainings, retreats, and online yoga lifestyle courses around the world. She has served as a consultant for a variety of wellness magazines including Yoga Journal, and continues to work closely with Sianna Sherman, her great teacher and heart friend.

Greta is currently in a two-year mentorship for shadow work and emotional intelligence. She is dedicated to anti-racism work and to unpacking her own white privilege. Greta’s teaching is a heart centered, empowering fusion of form and flow and she is wildly devoted to helping students reclaim their beauty, awaken deep purpose, and cultivate vibrant health through yoga and Ayurvedic lifestyle.​

tami hafzalla

as a yoga teacher of 23 years, tami is adept in holding grounding, compassionate space. she is committed to cultivating a practice that is warm and welcoming so students may move through a personal process, finding union of body, mind, and heart. they are guided to access profound levels of insight and freedom, reconnecting to inherent wisdom, to heal and dissolve barriers that separate us from ourselves and each other.

ultimately, tami’s intention is to share techniques to align with radiance from the inside out; connection to self, connection to others beyond name and form, connection to spirit, universal consciousness, and love.

tami is originally from egypt and has traveled extensively throughout her life. her seekers heart has led her to master teachers in india, australia, europe, and the u.s. drawing most from her classical training in ashtanga, iyengar, viniyoga, and ayurveda, her classes are artfully sequenced, strength building and meditative. tami has led teacher trainings in seattle and india and retreats worldwide. as an ayurvedic practitioner, she infuses classes with ancient wisdom for contemporary living. she offers intuitive and simultaneously skillful hands on adjustments grounded in her training as a licensed massage therapist.

tami’s greatest teacher is her beloved son, indi kainoa. from him, she knows the most profound love, patience and joy of being embodied, alive and awake in the present moment. what a blessing to be on this unending journey of renewal & transformation.

Lara was introduced to yoga in 2002 by a newly certified friend who needed practice students. Over the next several years she ventured in and out of the practice as well as different styles until she found her “home” in Vinyasa and Ashtanga traditions. In 2011 she completed her 200 Hour with Be Luminous with a primary focus in Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa, and Slow Flow.

Lara has spent the last 6 years studying with her teacher Tiffany Cruickshank and Yoga Medicine, a school that is an adjunct to eastern and western medicine with a yogic component. In August, 2018 Lara completed her 500 hour advanced studies having added yin, restorative, myofascial release, therapeutics, internal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, orthopedics, and cadaver dissection studies to her training experiences. Lara is also registered as a Therapeutic Specialist and has continued with her 1000 hour studies through Yoga Medicine.

lara has completed 75 hours of advanced teacher training with jason crandell, 50 hours of advanced therapeutics and teacher training with amy ippoliti, 25 hours with sri dharma mittra, 40 hours with kino macgregor, and 25 hours of assisting with lisa black.​

In addition to teaching she is the co-founder of Yogalab Northwest, a community inspired organization that hosts international yoga teachers in the Seattle area. YLNW has hosted Sri Dharma Mittra, Kino Macgregor, Jason Crandell, Tiffany Cruickshank, Chris Chavez, Amy Ippoliti, Carmen Aguilar.

As co-founder of Viveka Yoga RYS with Dikla Kafka, Lara has mentored 67 aspiring yoga teachers in 6 separate 200 hour YTT programs and graduated 4 from one 300 hour advanced training.

When she is not teaching she spends time traveling with her husband and son.

christine cheung

Christine is a 500 hr RYT and Level 2 KRI Certified Kundalini Instructor. First discovering the healing power of yoga during music conservatory, she was drawn to learn all she could. After traveling to Italy, India, and Los Angeles, to study with master teachers Gurmukh, Tej, and Harijiwan, she’s returned home to share a unique blend of all that she’s learned.
Her classes are a mix of breath work, movement, and music- drawing from her extensive background in music, shamanism, and alternative healing. She often begins the class with a weekly astrology forecast and ends the evening with original music. She loves the idea that you can arrive on your mat as you are, and leave having made sense of it all.

zak endicott
Zak is a dynamic, motivating human being who stands for freedom and unconditional love. He was born to spread light and to help others turn on their own inner light. Discovering the yoga path has opened his mind and heart to growth, healing and transformation; and his life has become an exciting and fulfilling adventure ever since.

He believes that today’s yoga movement is the call of people saying we want to heal, live, and love deeply. Together we make a difference. Every yoga class is affirmation that the world can be a peaceful place.

In his personal practice, Zak studies and practices Ashtanga yoga, a more classical form taught traditionally by Sri Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India, and Forrest yoga, a powerful and healing, contemporary style created by Ana Forrest. He weaves these two influences skillfully into his classes and workshops, combining classical practices, along with modern insight and adaptations.

zak completed level 1 & level 2 training with baron baptiste in 2010 and advanced teacher training with ana forrest in 2014. he teaches workshops and retreats locally and internationally,

richard guevara

richard teaches thursday night 5;30p vinyasa & 7p vinyasa + restore. hope to see you there!

Richard is certified to instruct and guide his students through alignment based vinyasa and restorative yoga. Richard is an avid Pacific North West overall outdoor enthusiast as mountaineer, passionate climber, acroyogi, cyclist and you can count on finding him outside rain or shine. His style of yoga is smooth and favors breath over movement.

He believes each movement in itself is a pose all stemming from the core. Being a former athlete that suffered multiple injuries resulting in chronic pain, he found comfort and relief through yoga. He avidly believes in yoga’s ability to restore and heal the body as well as the mind. He loves to challenge his students and show that through practice regardless of fitness level that anything is possible.

Richard aims to have his students leave his class energized with renewed or continued faith in their ability to find comfort and release in his sessions.

annie cavanagh

annie teaches friday 5:30p Vinyasa & sunday 6p yin + meditation. annie also is the mastermind (master heart?) behind the healing hearts club, who you will see on the ritual house monthly event schedule occasionally.

Allow yourself to be held in a puddle of love. Annie, works to create a space for our body, mind and spirit to bring ourselves back home to ourselves. Annie is influenced by her dance background, incorporating ease and flow as well as strength and balance into the practice.

Studying Bhakti in India provided a strong traditional foundation as well as a deep love for mantras. Her class, no matter the speed, starts and ends with mantra chanting accompanied by the healing sounds of the harmonium. Annie also loves to add moments of stillness and breathwork, to calm the body and come back to the present. ​

isabella carpi

Look for Isabella subbing around the Ritual House schedule!

Isabella offers approachable, flow-based vinyasa classes where variety and creativity are the norm. Committed to uplifting others, she encourages students to use modifications, explore new relationships with laborious postures, and honor how they feel at all times. Everyday is different on our mat!

Isabella completed her power vinyasa 200 hour at Franklin Street Yoga Center in Chapel Hill, NC, and has been teaching vinyasa classes in Seattle since relocating over a year ago.

isabella is A writing coach and certified peer-mentor for people affected by gender-based violence. Isabella is passionate about actively creating safe and supportive communities, keeping equity at the center of her work both on and off the mat.

meghan smith

Meghan began practicing yoga over twenty years ago and has been teaching since 2010. The practice of yoga has informed her life throughout the years, and continues to be a familiar, humbling and grounding refuge throughout the inevitable ups and downs of being human.

Meghan’s teaching draws on her understanding that embodiment is essential to our healing and wholeness - as individuals and as a collective. Our bodies hold our stories, our history, our longings, our connection to others, and our key to transformation. It is through the practice of yoga that we encounter ourselves and what we need to heal and thrive.

Through the years, Meghan has trained with an array of gifted teachers including Annie Carpenter, Seane Corn, Richard Miller, Jason Crandall, Tias Little, Hala Khouri, Jack Kornfield and many others. Her greatest teachers, however, are her two young daughters. They teach her the gift of presence, patience, flexibility and unconditional love on a daily basis! She has also assisted several yoga teacher trainings and led local and international yoga retreats since 2015.

Along with being a yoga teacher, Meghan is also a licensed psychotherapist in Seattle and has been in private practice since 2015. Her belief is that the body and psyche are inextricably linked, so she draws upon her training as a psychotherapist in her yoga classes, and her years of practicing and teaching yoga in her psychotherapy practice. Her classes are therefore a place where students are encouraged to find safety and ease in embodiment, while also challenging patterns and belief systems through intentional, alignment-based, intelligent and vigorous asana.

katy beckwith

look for katy subbing at ritual house!

Katy discovered yoga while attending college at the University of Washington. After playing competitive sports for most of her life, she craved a new way to move and care for her body. She tried a hot yoga class and instantly felt the positive impact the practice had on not only her body, but more importantly, her mind. She practiced for many years before deciding to take her first 200hr teacher training.

Her yoga classes are a blend of creative, mindful sequences set to a variety of music, allowing each student to connect with themselves in body and breath on their mat. Her classes are playful, always teaching from a place of curiosity, and she invites students from all backgrounds and all levels of experience to come explore with her.

katy has over 5 years of experience teaching movement, from yoga, to indoor cycling, to even zumba (in her past life).​

allison manzanita

Manzi’s passion for yoga, meditation, and supporting individual growth informs her classes and workshops. Her love and practice of yoga started in 2004, and has been her most consistent practice throughout her life. Her classes and workshops integrate the mental, emotional, and spiritual within the physical practice. With a background in psychology, meditation, massage, and herbology, she seeks to show up for each practitioner with a wide breadth of understanding and caring for the human condition. Her classes range from strenuous and anatomically informed to meditative, using breathwork to go deep within.

She has completed both a 200hr and 300hr Yoga Teacher Training, received a degree with honors in Psychology, and Massage Therapy Certification. Her education continues daily and inspires her classes, workshops, and retreats.

grace pratt

grace was first introduced to yoga in highschool p.e. class. the intentional, meditative movement of the practice was a stark contrast to her competitive athletics background, and the holistic benefits of yoga (mind, body, breath, and soul) kept her coming back to her mat.

grace’s connection to the practice deepened over the years as she recognized yoga as a means to connect more deeply with herself and the world around her. after practicing for over 15 years, she took the leap to complete her 200hr ryt certification here in seattle.

her teaching style syncs muscle-activating slow flowing movement with vibey, feel good music.

grace’s classes offer an opportunity to slow down and practice being present by bringing awareness to intentional, mindful movement and breath.

while considering herself a “forever student,” as a teacher grace offers a welcoming, approachable class designed to empower others to connect with their own practice,

wherever they may be in their yoga journey.

Chelsea Forte

chelsea is a creative and compassionate soul originally from california, now based in the pacific northwest for nearly a decade, drawn by the moody weather. With a taurus Sun, a cancer Moon, and a sagittarius rising, her feelings are deeply felt, her feet firmly planted, and she’s always ready for an adventure. her personal practice began over 20 years ago as a child going to yoga and meditation with her parents, her return to the practice as an adult was a homecoming, a rediscovering that the body could be a safe place to land.

chelsea’s style of movement is intuitive feeling sequences rooted in the somatic experience and the interplay between stillness and movement, inviting awareness into the body and focus on breath. her work is informed by somatic therapy, reiki and trauma-informed care. she seeks to create space for the parts of ourselves we may have neglected, believing that transformation happens when we can experience, feel, and realize from within. her invitation is one of homecoming – coming into a more intimate relationship with oneself.

tessa nesbit

Tessa began her yoga practice in 2010, and life has never been the same! From yoga, she has learned to embody ahimsa(non-harm), karuna (compassion), and samadhi (union). From starting at the YMCA, to practicing in India, Thailand, Bali, and Mexico, and regularly attending classes at Yoga on Beacon, Seattle Yoga Arts, and now Ritual House, she is excited to share this ancient practice as a teacher.

She trained with The Online Yoga School to achieve her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification amidst the global pandemic. Through such sufferable times, she was able to more fully grasp the power and wisdom of yoga. In her classes, she honors the practice through teaching all 8 limbs, using Sanskrit, and acknowledging the roots of the teachings. An avid social justice enthusiast and practicing Buddhist, she intends for her practice to embody the Sanskrit mantra lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu: May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.

breezy charles

Breezy Charles is a former hip hop and breakdancer and lifetime lover of all things physical.
She offers her students a safe and inclusive space to move, experiment, stretch, and grow.
Her passion for life, self-love and acceptance are recurring themes in her yoga practice. Her goal is to spread joy and light through approachable, real yoga and movement.
She is an avid lover of hip hop, old school r&b, vegan food, houseplants, and has been known to stop people in the street in order to pet their dog.​​

natalia rudovsky
Natalia became passionate about yoga after experiencing it’s positive impact firsthand. Gaining strength, flexibility, peace of body and mind not experienced before, she marvels at the lifelong journey of yoga. She started practicing in 2002 and a few months after she was hooked. She feels that yoga is an artful expression of physical and spiritual self, a connection beyond what we experience in the current form.

Natalia was born and raised in Slovakia, Bratislava. She lived in Austria and Canada before she moved to America. During her travels to Thailand, Bali and Nepal she was taken by the people and the close connection to spirituality in their everyday lives.

She has worked as a cardiac RN for 14 years, a type of work that requires a deep sense of compassion and empathy, often taking care of patients and their families at their most vulnerable state.

Natalia is grateful to share her passion, deep respect and knowledge of yoga with the community.

haley rae derge

look for haley subbing around the ritual house schedule!

Haley Rae’s relationship with yoga has evolved with her own spiritual journey over the past 9 years.

She believes deep healing can be found in safe community spaces. All of her classes focus on pairing breath with movement. She strives to create classes that are available for all levels, always adding variations to challenge & explore your body.

Haley Rae is traditionally trained in Hatha Yoga & Barre Eclipse. Her goal is that you leave class with a deeper connection to your strength & self. she graduated from yama yoga’s teacher training in may 2018 and moved to seattle shortly after in june 2019. since her training ended she has taught regularly at studios and for corporate clients.

raquel dixon

raquel’s background in Western Medicine has allowed her to form a deep appreciation for the beauty and intricacies of the physical body.
over the last 10 years, yoga has been a practice she could always rely on during pivotal times of transformation in her life. in 2021, she decided to do her 200-hr yoga teacher training — this was the first time she felt she was choosing herself, and this turned out to be one of her greatest gifts to herself.
during her training, she was introduced to Yin Yoga. initially met with some resistance to this slower practice, she began to allow herself to sit with the uncomfortableness of slowing down. getting over this hurdle, she became aware that developing a yin practice was the balancing force her soul was in search of. in 2023, she received her 32-hr Yin Yoga certification, embarking on a new journey to blend Western and Eastern modalities of healing to provide holistic care and loving service.
she invites her students to nourish their own inner light by embracing the beauty of stillness and introspection. she hopes to encourage people to feel empowered in their bodies and in their lives! ​

Tai is an experienced breathwork facilitator and healing guide who has been facilitating somatic

and expanded-state work for over a decade.

Her approach is one of assisting self-discovery and helping people connect to a deeper wisdom within, incorporating the body and nervous system, as well as the intelligence of the psyche and soul. Her work is informed by somatic psychotherapy (including developmental psychology and trauma, Internal Family Systems, and Hakomi psychotherapy), Yoga (Tantra and Śaivism), Buddhism, psychedelics, and core Shamanism.

“Tai is masterful at bringing people into space and holding a safe container for
deep work. She is an amazing healer, gentle yet powerful.”

daniella white

ritual house is excited to have hosted daniella’s sound baths once a month since 2015. These baths sell out more often than not. Come find out why...

Daniella has been practicing the art of sound healing since 2005. She is also a certified Usui Reiki Master, clairvoyant, past life regression healer, musician and artist. fascinated by the field of vibrational medicine, she was drawn to participate in a sound healing training course taught by renowned healer, tom kenyon. this work was deeply illuminating and allowed her to discover a unique way to combine reiki and sound therapy for healing purposes.​ ” it is my intent to assist you in releasing anything that is no longer serving you, and to help bring in resonant healing energy for your body, mind and spirit. you will leave feeling re-tuned and replenished, with a sense of restored balance.​”

As an artist, Daniella is a headdress maker, floral designer, painter, and vocalist. She is the front woman of her Electro Pop project YellaCatt. She also owns The Plumed Serpent headdress atelier.

A sound bath is an improvised concert with crystal singing bowls, vocal toning, and often gongs as well. During a sound bath you are bathed in healing vibrations that help you achieve deep states of relaxation, where the brain entrains to the meditative theta state and the body moves into a process of healing and repairing itself. read more on our events page!

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