sound bath

led by Daniella white

thurs. feb. 22nd • 7:30-8:30p • $40

pre-registration recommended

A sound bath is an improvised concert played with the intent of releasing stress, and can facilitate energetic shifts in your mind and body to bring you into a more balanced state of being. Participants lay in a comfortable position on the floor (savasana), while Daniella plays the crystal bowls and gongs, accompanied by her vocal toning. You will be bathed in healing vibrations that help entrain your brain into a deeply relaxed state where physical, mental, and spiritual healing can take place.

please bring your own yoga mat. if you are sure you want pillows and blankets​ to make your experience cozy, please bring some from home! We have props, but the bath typically benefits from having more than we can supply for everyone.

family yoga series

March 3 - April 14 (no class 3/31)

sundays • $150* • 11-11:45am

Family Yoga is a special bonding opportunity. Expect partner poses, breathing exercises, mindful movements, time to relax, and so much laughter! this one sells out quickly...register below!

*Cost: $150 for 1 child and 1-2 grown-ups (parents, caregivers, etc.) for the 6-week series; $30 for each additional child - email us for the sibling discount code.

A limited number of need-based scholarships are available. To apply for a scholarship, email a brief description of why you qualify.

kids yoga series!

drop off • 4-8 year olds

8 thursdays, April 25 - June 13

$195 • 4-4:45p

drop off your 4-8 year old/s at ritual house from 4-4:45p on thursdays for 8 weeks!

Classes are filled with kid-friendly poses, breathing exercises, mindfulness, games, relaxation, and a lot of fun! Children will build strength, focus, and flexibility along with kindness, compassion, and self-regulation.

registration is open​. A limited number of need-based scholarships are available. To apply for a scholarship, email a brief description of why you qualify.​

breathwork journey

led by tai Hubbert

coming soon

14 spots • pre-registration recommended

“what an incredible introduction to breathwork. the ceremony was amazing, humbling, and life changing.” –n.s.

Reclaim your breath, reclaim life.
In this journey of conscious connected breathwork, you will be supported in discovering your own breath as a profound resource for healing, insight, and coming home to your Self.

As a bridge to the terrain of the body and nervous system, the breath can influence your embodied experience and influence that which lives beyond the reach of the conscious mind.

Held stress and tension can be released, and energy from past experiences fully integrated. The result can be more grounded availability, inner harmony, and embodied peace and vitality.
Breathwork is also an accessible modality to explore psychedelic-like states in which thinking
mind quiets and profound clarity, insight, and creativity becomes available.

As an experienced facilitator and healing guide, Tai holds a strong, loving, and sacred container to explore within, drawing on roots in somatic psychology, shamanism, and yoga. For more
information about breathwork, what to expect in the session, and Tai’s approach, please visit

While breathwork can be of benefit to anyone seeking to know themselves more deeply, this modality is not recommended for the following conditions: pregnancy, high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia, recent major surgeries, and severe PTSD. For those with histories of more significant trauma, a 1:1 session is recommended. Please contact Tai with any questions.

Precaution: This event involves open-mouth breathing in a group and is thus a high-risk activity for the transmission of Covid. All participants are required to test the morning of the
event, and voluntarily choose to participate despite known risks.

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