new to ritual house?

welcome! simply choose a class from our schedule & sign up below, or arrive to the studio 15 minutes before class starts to sign up. see you soon!


any student who has never purchased a class pass to ritual house of yoga can sign up for our intro offer of 14 days (consecutive) unlimited yoga for $40! monthly unlimited and class punch passes can be used on any weekly scheduled yoga class. workhshops and special events are priced and registered separately. see our events page for more information. class packages are non-transferable and non-refundable once they have been started. have a whole year to use them!

what to wear

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing that does not limit your range of motion. An outfit that you would wear on a jog on a Seattle summer day will work well. practitioners do not wear shoes in the studio, and we do not recommend socks.

what to bring

Bring your yoga mat, and come hydrated. we do not sell bottled water, but have filtered water and glass cups available. if you would like to lock your belongings, we have lockers available, but please byo lock.

when to arrive

Arrive 15-20 minutes early for your visit.

This will allow enough time for registration and a brief orientation or questions

before class. not to mention parking, if you drive.

come to class well hydrated

It is always a best practice to arrive well hydrated for your yoga class. You will feel better throughout class and may recover faster after those particularly challenging days.

my body is stiff! i am out of shape! can i still come to class?

Although it might at first sight appear that someone who is very flexible can

perform yoga postures better than a stiff person, this is a misconception. Yoga aims to develop one’s alignment and awareness through breathing and subtle adjustments made to the body – the skin, muscles, tendons and joints etc – and mind while in each yoga posture. The aim is to create vitality and stability, and to practice strength and flexibility within in each posture, not to perform a routine or choreography.

Therefore, doing the poses ‘perfectly’ is not emphasized in our classes. learning to fully embody your own practice & staying curious as to what this practice has to offer each new day, is. our teachers guide toward Quality of movement (integration & sustainability) over quantity of movement.

That being said, gaining flexibility, strength, & stability does make achieving postures more easeful. everyone starts somewhere; come in and try it out!

what classes are suitable for me if i’m new?
if you are brand new to yoga
more information to come.
let your teacher know you are new to yoga when you arrive, that way they can best support your experience, and give you tips + feedback to support your growth.
coming back to yoga after a break
more information to come
you want a more customized/personal learning experience
we suggest a private yoga session with one of our teachers. we can help point you in the right direction based on your needs and goals. private sessions are great for the brand new learner to go over the basics, or the seasoned practitioner who wants more individual assessment than a group setting allows. if you are curious, shoot us an email and we can go from there!
stay in touch
thanks! we look forward to meeting you.