Originally a dancer, Linnea has had an infectious love of movement since she could walk. With an interest in mind-body medicine, she offers an inclusive and thoughtful perspective. Her fluid classes are rooted in stable, intelligent alignment - while encouraging creative challenge, big heart and curiosity.​ Her relaxed style is delivered with playful precision and ease. She hopes to create a space where students feel safe to explore their relationship with themselves with grace, compassion and integrity.

A teacher since 2010, she is registered as an E-RYT, has organized and facilitated both 200 hour teacher trainings and continuing education programs. She has helped to train many teachers in the Seattle area.

Aside from teaching, Linnea is most passionate about being a student, listener, creator and friend. When not teaching, you can find her seeking out new beats, chasing landscapes, nerd- ing out on design, hanging with her people or talking your ear off about all things wellness

josephine edmondson

Josephine Edmondson is known for her poetic, free-spirited approach to teaching yoga. Her classes are shaped by intimate breathwork, deep meditation, mindful movement and immediate presence.

She encourages you as a student to slowly sense and trust your intuition, becoming conscious and awake in the body. This process helps to retrieve your inner power, allowing you to tune in fully, instead of suffering and numbing out.

Josephine’s style of yoga is inspired by Kundalini, Kripalu, Tantra, Restorative and Yin styles. She has studied under Shiva Rae, Elena Brower, Krishna Kaur, Hari Kaur Khalsa, Danny Arguetty and Priti Robin Ross over the last eight years.

If you have a hunger for a deeply meaningful practice, and want tools to help navigate the external world, come to Jo’s class. It will be a lovely homecoming.

200-hour RYT, Kripalu Yoga Institute

500-hour RYT, Sacred Lasya

erika ramberg

I’m Erika. Originally from Seattle, I moved to Berlin in my mid 20s searching for something. I think it was freedom, or adventure, or maybe I hoped to find a ‘reason’ for living life, when my existential suitcase was feeling pretty heavy. Berlin was dark, and cold, and so through a chain of unimportant events I found my way to a yoga class. Within the special alchemy of the city, and really, within yoga, I found space to heal. Yoga gave me tools to sit with my pain, and to understand that this staying put is the way to move through it.

A twice-a-week yoga practice quickly turned into a daily one, and now yoga is a fundamental part of my life. I’m kind of obsessed with it. I received my 300-hour Jivamukti teacher certification in England in 2012 and my 800-hour certification in Berlin in 2013. Since then I’ve trained and taught extensively in both Jivamukti and Ashtanga yoga in Europe and Tel Aviv, and am always learning, always a student inquiring who I am, and why we’re here. I am very happy to be in Seattle, sharing this practice back at home.

Since returning to the states, since getting bit older and facing the reality of my own yoga injuries, I’ve become increasingly interested in an alignment-based approach to these practices. I feel blessed to now study with Maty Ezraty, and consider her one of my most influential teachers. Through attention to alignment, we are not in pursuit of aesthetic perfection, but rather training the mind to become attentive, and learning the real, hard work of taking care of ourselves. ​

andreas fetz
I love movement, and I want to share the joy and physical benefits that I find through yoga with you.

Having been in some form of athletic training for most of my life, I’ve always loved the joy and sense of play that can be found through physicality. I grew up in Missoula, Montana, where I was a three-time all-state soccer player and a Tai Kwan Do state champion in my division.

After moving to the Pacific Northwest in the late ’90s, I took my first yoga class in 2001 and over the years it has become a vital part of my life. I found and continue to find it nourishing both physically and spiritually. In 2008 I decided that I wanted to start teaching, and enrolled in the teacher training program at Seattle’s 8 Limbs Yoga Studio, which was fantastic. I love the community I found through the program.

After seeing a Cirque du Soleil show, I absolutely fell in love with the circus arts and am now completely hooked. For the last several years, I have trained and taught classes at SANCA in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. I have studied aerials, acrobatics, and tumbling among other things and currently specialize in hand balancing. I also studied for and received my personal training certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2008.

hope clunie
Dance taught me there are many ways, some more graceful than others, in which your body can move. Yoga taught me the ways to move to heal myself. As a teacher, I guide my students towards a deeper feeling connection, and finding the edge in their own practice.

The process of exploring your edge can help break through mental, emotional, and physical boundaries you have created for yourself, most often subconsciously. We all have some form of emotional conditioning resulting from previous experiences, and yoga is one way to question and eventually change those conditions. I teach yoga because of my belief in the healing process which takes place through practice.

in my classes, we will practice yoga in a way that fills your entire being, like an echo fills the sky, or music fills a room. Practice is healing, making muscles and bones stronger, the body more flexible, and self-awareness of the body more apparent. You will have a greater ability to focus and begin to grow into what is most valuable in your life.

Yoga is a journey you will take your whole life. Let that journey be filled with moments of beauty, fueled by love, and don’t forget to breathe!

zak endicott
Zak is a dynamic, motivating human being who stands for freedom and unconditional love. He was born to spread light and to help others turn on their own inner light. Discovering the yoga path has opened his mind and heart to growth, healing and transformation; and his life has become an exciting and fulfilling adventure ever since.

He believes that today’s yoga movement is the call of people saying we want to heal, live, and love deeply. Together we make a difference. Every yoga class is affirmation that the world can be a peaceful place.

In his personal practice, Zak studies and practices Ashtanga yoga, a more classical form taught traditionally by Sri Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India, and Forrest yoga, a powerful and healing, contemporary style created by Ana Forrest. He weaves these two influences skillfully into his classes and workshops, combining classical practices, along with modern insight and adaptations.

zak completed level 1 & level 2 training with baron baptiste in 2010 and advanced teacher training with ana forrest in 2014. he teaches workshops and retreats locally and internationally,

betsy shilling

Betsy’s curiosity about wellness began early. Homeschooled by her mother who was both loving and unwell, Betsy internalized questions like: “What makes mom sad and tired all the time? How can I make her better?”. When not at home (and in her head), Betsy was in her body - sweating it out at the dojo, dance studio, or playing with neighborhood kids. When she got good enough at these things, she taught martial arts and became the neighborhood nanny. Then when it came time to choose her major, Betsy’s innate desire to understand and help others heal from the inside out lead her to study psychology. She earned her BA then researched and taught psychobiology, women’s health, meditation, yoga and myofascial release (MFR). After several years as an entrepreneur and leader in the wellness industry, Betsy continues to alchemize Eastern and Western wisdom and science. She remains passionately engaged with human suffering as an advocate for conscious, kind, empowered, and equitable living. And she no longer ‘tries to fix’ people. Instead, Betsy acknowledges everyone as innately whole and capable of self-healing. With the radical notion that we can and should enjoy life, she shares her collection of self-liberation tools with those who are ready to re-claim their power and prioritize their wellness on and off the yoga mat.

Betsy is the founder of Wellround, the first MFR app. Based in Seattle and teaching internationally, join her for Myofascial Release online, or in real life. In addition to her ongoing self-guided study of Myofascial Release and yoga, she is trained in Yoga Tune Up®, Prana Flow, NeuroKinetic Therapy and Thai Yoga. Betsy sends gratitude to her most impactful teachers: Jill Miller, Shiva Rea, Cosetta Romani and Master Yom.

E-RYT 500, Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Certified, Lululemon Ambassador, BA Psychology, Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do​


terilyn wyre
Terilyn is all about COMMUNITY! This passion and commitment shines through in every class that she teaches and in her every interaction. She teaches from the belief that yoga is a dance with the Divine, a dance for all; big and small people, old and young, rich, poor, straight and gay, all races, all religions, all levels, EVERY BODY.

Terilyn’s classes are infused with mythology, poetry, fun music and humor. Her authentic love of people creates an inclusive environment for every body where each student feels equally welcome and valued. Terilyn’s yogic path has been strongly influenced by her many years as a healer, priestess and seeker.

Terilyn sees yoga as a way to express her spirituality, love, joy and liberation and to gather together and hold sacred space.

damithia nieves

Damithia came to Seattle via the East Coast, Mid-West and Hawaii and has been here the 2nd time for the last 12 years. She began practicing in 2001, floating through various styles of yoga before landing on Bikram for several years. She completed her 200hr certification at Hatha Yoga Center in Seattle 2014 and has been teaching since.

She teaches through a lens of empowered healing and her classes encourage exploration of the senses through a blend of traditional asana, and liberated movement to an intentionally curated soundtrack.

When not in class she is usually spending time with family and friends, being in nature, growing food and trying to understand both the mundane and profound aspects of this life.

Julia is a yoga teacher of 10 years, and a Food + Body Therapist. She is passionate about helping you as a student to come home to yourself through movement and mindfulness, create a trusting and peaceful relationship to your body, and move through the world with more ease.

Julia’s class is an energetic experience that aims to leave you feeling calm, alert, and more resilient to life’s ups and downs. Through mindful movement and meditation, she encourages you to gently turn inward, listening to and honoring your sensations and intuition. Class by class, you’ll cultivate intimate self-awareness and a deep well of self-compassion.

Julia is known for her creativity and clarity in making challenging poses accessible and fun! Come and learn something new - and you may be balancing on your hands in no time.

Elements that influence Julia’s teaching style are a blend of old and new. They include buddhist philosophy, vipassana meditation, tantra, neuroscience and psychology. Her teachers are Alan and Sarah Finger, and Mona Anand at ISHTA Yoga.

Julia Hollenberg Food + Body Therapy is Julia’s private nutrition practice based in Seattle. She helps people break free from restrictive eating and body shame forever so they can live their most full and vibrant lives.

200-hour & 500-hour training at ISHTA Yoga, New York City, 2008-2009.

aubrey jenkins
I took my first yoga class at the age of 15, exploring a hatha-based practice that allowed me to overcome severe chronic back pain. Rediscovering the joy of physical vitality, I continued to practice with local mentors, studying a wide range of styles and building a deeper sense of self-awareness and self-respect. I completed a 200-hour Vinyasa training through Yogalife Studios with Lisa Steele in 2011 and continue to study Ashtanga yoga with Troy Lucero here in Seattle.

As a percussionist, my teaching style intuitively links pranayama and invigorating asanas with rhythmic music - an intriguing combination that encourages fluidity in movement and deep, balanced breath. My classes ignite a slow burn - moving in and out of stillness, building heat and strength through challenging postures and transitions, but leaving space to focus on the intent of each pose. You will leave feeling powerful, in both mind and body.

Off the mat, i spend my time making messes in kitchens as a personal chef and food blogger, riding my bicycle in the rain, rock climbing with my boyfriend, and playing drums for a band called the daylaborers and petty intellectuals.

I’m continually fascinated and invigorated by the body and its capacity to heal, express, and articulate with innate intelligence. My intention as a teacher is to craft a playful, creative, and soulful sequence that activates your strength, and embraces your grace and self care.

My aim is to guide your self perception towards a compassionate research of your expansive potential, to expose habits and move into conscious action. My classes are propelled by music and traverse a fluid conversation with body and breath. I invite you to flow with artful attention and deep listening in order to expose the wisdom beneath the surface of your physical form, and to attune to the emotional and energetic forces that fuel your presence.

I have been consumed by my path as a yogi, performer, and healer since 2006. I spent two years at Naropa University researching somatic psychology, dance movement therapy, and yoga. I hold a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts, and received my 200hr teacher certification through Core Power Yoga in 2013.

As a yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, and healing arts practitioner, Tai supports the process of releasing burdens of the past so one can be more available to the gifts of the present. Her approach is one of working from the top down and bottom up, addressing deepening self-understanding and awareness, as well as healing at the level of the body and nervous system. The combination is a powerful invitation to heart-centered living, and greater capacity to savor the gift of life.

Tai began practicing yoga in 2003 and received teaching certification while in residence at the Himalayan Institute, studying yogic philosophy and psychology, asana, breathwork, and meditation under the direction of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Dr. Rolf Sovik, Sheri Friedrichsen, and Sandra Anderson. She has completed advanced training with Annie Carpenter (SmartFLOW Yoga), and offers a rare balance of strong, alignment-based asana work, framed within the broader context of yoga and self-realization. Her classes emphasize quality of engagement and integrity over “quantity,” with deep regard for the body and the therapeutic and transformative potential of yoga. Tai has deep roots in Tantra, Zen Buddhism, Shamanism, and contemporary psychology, and offers a universal approach to bringing more of oneself into the present moment.

Crystal likes to say she discovered yoga “on accident”. She was first introduced to yoga in college while working administrative duties in a small yoga studio. However, she really began to know yoga when the practice did it’s work of drawing her in by allowing her to witness the many benefits it has in the body and the mind. With the amount of therapeutic value the yoga practice encompasses, It didn’t take long until arriving on her mat felt like she was arriving Home. After completing her 200hour teacher training in 2013, she went on to teach Vinyasa style classes in various studios around Seattle. Her classes often emphasize strength, flexibility, and alignment while also strongly encouraging “breath first, movement after”.

Crystal loves to be creative with what she brings to her classes, and she often encourages her students to play with this sense of creativity by exploring the depths of each posture to make it feel good in their own body. Furthermore, music allows Crystal to show her creative side, so her classes are often accompanied by sounds that make her soul dance. When she is off her mat, Crystal loves to make use of her time outdoors. She travels often and gets most inspired by experiencing the day and life of different cultures. She’s particularly fond of traveling to Asia. The Philippines is a place dear to her heart, being the country her family is from and where she spent many childhood summers in. During her past travels, she has spent time teaching yoga in areas including the Philippines and most recently in Germany.

Em Boardway

Em brings her passion for personal transformation, self-love, adventure, and authentic connection to her work and play. Trained in Viniyoga, Anusara, Ashtanga, Sri Vidya Tantra and Soma Neuromuscular Integration® Bodywork, Em’s style is a unique combination of her Yoga and Soma experience.

Em began teaching in Seattle in 2007, then packed her mat for a few year stint all over Europe leading bicycle trips and teaching yoga to her guests before and after the days’ ride. After returning to Seattle in 2013, Em began her Soma Bodywork practice and created ‘Soma Yoga’, an immersion that combines these two modalities for deep self-exploration.

Em’s love for discovery is expressed in how she meets her students and clients, remaining endlessly curious and open to the moment. As a devotee to facilitating transformation, Em also offers immersions, workshops, and retreats both locally and abroad.

natalia rudovsky
Natalia became passionate about yoga after experiencing it’s positive impact firsthand. Gaining strength, flexibility, peace of body and mind not experienced before, she marvels at the lifelong journey of yoga. She started practicing in 2002 and a few months after she was hooked. She feels that yoga is an artful expression of physical and spiritual self, a connection beyond what we experience in the current form.

Natalia was born and raised in Slovakia, Bratislava. She lived in Austria and Canada before she moved to America. During her travels to Thailand, Bali and Nepal she was taken by the people and the close connection to spirituality in their everyday lives.

She has worked as a cardiac RN for 14 years, a type of work that requires a deep sense of compassion and empathy, often taking care of patients and their families at their most vulnerable state.

Natalia is grateful to share her passion, deep respect and knowledge of yoga with the community.

sarah ilgenfritz
I came to yoga from an athletic background. I had seen success in Division 1 and semi-professional soccer by embodying the no-pain, no-gain mentality and had learned to completely ignore feedback from my body. But it was a lumbar spine injury in 2005 that landed me on my mat with no choice but to slow down and listen. And I came back, again and again, to peel away the layers of resistance that led me to this practice that has changed the trajectory of my life.

Since then I have completed 200, 300 and 500 hour certifications with D’ana Baptiste and InBody Academy, with a focus on Yoga Therapy, Anatomy and Yoga Philosophy.

My classes explore the ways that our practice reflects life off the mat. They are a recipe comprised of creative sequencing, breathwork, mindfulness and always a healthy dose of humor! Although we spend only a few hours a day on the mat, I believe we can live yoga in every moment.

When I’m not on my mat, you can find me working in a cafe on schoolwork (or delving into various yoga blogs while I should be working on schoolwork), exploring the Pacific Northwest with my hubby, Elliott, and our Boxer, Lucy, or curled up with a good book, good wine and some sort of foodie concoction brewing in my kitchen!

emily parzybok

I started yoga in high school and college looking for a workout that didn’t involve organized sporting of any kind. At the time, I treated it like I treated any embodied activity: as an ongoing battle with my body.

In 2011, I moved to Namibia for a year-long stint in an abandoned sheep farm in the middle of the Kalahari desert. During my time there, I lived without cell phone service or internet and learned to exist in the container of profound and constant silence. I’m quintessentially type-A. Forced in slowness, I found I was able to befriend myself in new ways. My attitude softened and my relationship with my body bloomed.

Today, I’m interested in an attitude of listening rather than one of force in practice. While I love to teach a strong and active class, my favorite styles of yoga are restorative in nature; I build yoga practices that cultivate internal stillness, slowness and silence.

I train primarily with Sarah and Ty Powers through the Insight Yoga Institute. I have studied with Tias Little, Paul and Suzzee Grilley, Kathryn Budig and many others. My classes are infused with mindfulness techniques, Chinese medicine approaches to healing, and a fusion of multiple styles of yoga asana.

When I’m not on the mat, you can find me working as a hack in local progressive politics or in bed with my cat and a good book

lara ederer

Lara was introduced to yoga in 2002 by a newly certified friend who needed practice students. Over the next several years she ventured in and out of the practice as well as different styles until she found her “home” in Vinyasa and Ashtanga traditions.

In 2012 she completed her 200 Hour with Be Luminous with a primary focus in Power Vinyasa.

Lara has spent the last 3 years studying with Tiffany Cruickshank and Yoga Medicine, a school that is an adjunct to eastern and western medicine with a yogic component. In August, 2018 Lara completed her 500 hour advanced studies having added yin, restorative, myofascial release, therapeutics, internal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, orthopedics, and cadaver dissection studies to her training experiences. Lara is also registered as a Therapeutic Specialist.

in addition to teaching, she is is the co-founder of yogalab Northwest, a community inspired organization that hosts international yoga teachers in the Seattle area. YLNw has hosted sri dharma Mittra, amy Ippoliti, tiffany Cruickshank, Kino Macgregor, Jason Crandell, chris chavez, carmen aguillar and has several new teachers scheduled for 2019.

Lara has completed 50hrs of advanced teacher training with jason crandell, 25hrs of advanced therapeutics with amy ippoliti, and 25hrs of assisting with Lisa Black. as co-founder of Viveka yoga rys with dikla kafka, lara has mentored 35 aspiring yoga teachers in two separate 200hr teacher trainings.

when she is not teaching, she spends time traveling with her husband and son.

I was first introduced to the creative power of movement when studying Devised Theater at New York University Tisch School of the Arts with narrative choreographer Marleen Pennison. NYU was also where I first studied Pilates, Movement Anatomy and West African Dance. After years training to be a writer, choreographer and performance artist, I discovered that I am actually most interested in rehearsal and that yoga is the most compelling rehearsal for being a human that I’ve had the priviledge to experience. I was certified to teach in 2009, and I taught and practiced a variety of yoga styles in New York for five years before heading west to Wyoming. Out west, I was given the opportunity to apply yoga as an avenue for outreach and social justice, teaching for a rehabilitative parole program and a juvenile home.

In 2015 I trained with the Prison Yoga Project under James Fox, as well as with Yoga Behind Bars, and teach incarcerated youth in the Seattle area for YBB. Over the course of my yoga and meditation process I have been blessed to learn and practice under Isaac Pena, Jared McCann, Eddie Stern, Sri Dharma Mittra, Sam Chase and Rachael Savage. I currently thrive as an apprentice in the Ashtanga style with Troy Lucero.

I believe that yoga really is a practice meant to Liberate and strive to teach in a way that makes it accessible to everyone, as they are. As a teacher, I seek to create space for yogis to feel an authentic connection to their bodies, and to their own personal power.

rosalie battah

Hi, my name is Rosalie! I am Forrest Yoga certified, Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner and recognized glass artist.

My love for movement and appreciation of physical awareness and strength developed from my passion of working with molten glass. I fell in love with yoga because of the same mysterious intensity and balance between strength, breath, fluidity, patience, focus and synchronized skilled movements to create unique, intentional, and beautiful results.

I aim to construct a playful environment offering opportunities for all levels of learners to explore new possibilities. I am careful to create a safe and individualized practice, offering modifications for different levels and specific injuries so each participant has an authentic experience.

I appreciate that processes vary day to day and enjoy how both a beginner and an experienced yoga practice can result in creative, new information for reflection and growth

Lady Krishna

While she was smoking a cigarette and drinking a martini at Life Café in New York City, David Life (co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga) double-dared Natasha to come practice at their studio on Ave. B. In 1986, she became one of their first five students and studied with David and Sharon for a decade. Here she met Krishna Dass who introduced her to her love of Kirtan.

Lady Krishna is a “Bhakti Baby”—an avid devotee of the Mother. She is said to have three mothers: her own (Dada), Amritanandamayi and Karunamayi Ma.

Natasha is an artist and front woman for the band Lady Krishna’s Peppermint Lounge as well as a Reiki practitioner and certified Yoga instructor. Email theladykrishna@gmail.com for additional information on setting up Private Meditation, healing, or Yoga classes.

She hopes everyone will begin their meditation practice NOW.​​

daniella white
Daniella began her reiki training in 2000, when she received her first treatment from a Reiki Master. She was enchanted and inspired by the powerful energy, and hermeyes were opened to a whole new world of healing potential. She soon began studying
reiki, and in 2005 she became a Reiki Master. Fascinated by the field of vibrational medicine, she was drawn to participate in a sound healing training course taught by renowned healer, Tom Kenyon. This work was deeply illuminating and allowed her to discover a unique way to combine reiki and sound therapy for healing purposes.

ritual house of yoga is excited to be hosting daniella’s sound baths once a month. A sound bath is an improvised concert with crystal singing bowls, vocal toning, and often gongs as well. During a sound bath you are bathed in healing vibrations that help you achieve deep states of relaxation, where the brain entrains to the meditative theta state and the body moves into a process of healing and repairing itself. You may experience emotional release as the vibrations help move blockages that have been stuck in your energy body, as well as physical sensations. It is my intent to assist you in releasing anything that is no longer serving you, and to help bring in resonant healing energy for your body, mind and spirit. You will leave feeling re-tuned and replenished, with a sense of restored balance.

During a typical sound bath you will be laying on the floor in a comfortable position while the waves of sound wash over you. It is a good idea to bring something to lay on such as a yoga mat, and to bring a blanket, pillows, and anything else you may need to feel comfortable on the floor.

Daniella is an Usui Reiki Master and certified Sound Healer practicing in the greater Seattle area.
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