sound bath

led by daniella white

wed. dec. 5

8-9p • $25

a sound bath is a therapeutic, improvised concert with crystal singing bowls, vocal toning, and gongs. during a sound bath you are bathed in vibration which helps you achieve a deep state of relaxation, where the brain entrains to the meditative theta state and the body moves into a process of healing and repairing itself.

find more information on what to bring on our ‘classes’ page.

if you purchase a spot for a friend, you must also make sure that THEY are pre-registered in the event online by their name or they won’t have a spot! Email us with any questions or for help.

​our sound bath events consistently reach capacity. pre-register in advance below.

an urban retreat: silence is..

silence is...the full spectrum

led by emily parzybok

sun. dec. 9 • 9a-3p • $25​

Spend a Sunday in guided silence exploring the practice perspective + observation.

Silent practice and group silence can be an incredible tool for relaxation, introspection and discovery. We will come together Sunday morning at Ritual House and explore silence in these experiences:

9-930AM: Seated Meditation
930-1030AM: Active Yoga Practice (guided)
1030-1130AM: Walking Meditation to park
1130-1230: Lunch and Break/Journal* (byo)
1230-1: Seated Meditation
1-2: Yin Practice and Contemplation
2-230: Walking Meditation
230-3: Contemplation, Reflection and Closing

Silent retreat can be a powerful experience. It can also sound a bit intimidating. If you’re new to silent retreat or have questions for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Because we are only spending about 6 hours in silence, this might actually be a great way to discover this practice without feeling overwhelmed on a longer retreat!

*Bring your own lunch and journal. this will help us keep enrollment cost accessible!

note on payment/pricing:
in an effort to make this retreat accessible to almost all we have priced it as low as we can and are covering costs. if you are willing + able, you can make an optional dana donation the day of the retreat. 100% will go to Emily for her time and teaching.

we have also reserved a limited number of free spots for registration. please email us if you are interested in attending the retreat but can not register for $25.​​

women’s breathwork circle

led by tai hubbert​

wed. dec. 12​

7-9pm •​​ $55

“The ceremony was the most profound healing experience I have had to date.” –T.F.

In the potent field that’s created when women come together in support of healing and awakening, you will engage an active, connected breathing technique to create the conditions for healing inyour body, and reconnect to the wisdom that lies beyond any confusion, self-doubt, and sense of smallness. In reclaiming the fullness of your breath, your body has the opportunity to dischargeenergetic holdings (from trauma, daily stressors, undigested emotional experiences, etc.) that consume your life force energy and limit your capacity to rest in your body with ease, clarity, joy, love,and power.

Although this practice is simple in technique, it can be strong in effect. If any of the conditions apply to you, please contact Tai ( to discuss further prior to registering:pregnancy, severe hypertension or cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia, recent major surgeries or communicable diseases, or history of significant trauma.

For more information about the nature of this work and preparation for the ceremony, please visit Tai’s website HERE. Tai holds a strong, compassionate, and sacred container for deep work of the self, and you will receive individual support throughout the journey, including hands-on work and shamanic healing.

These ceremonies are limited to 15 women (or anyone identifying as female), and pre-registration is required.

re-member: embody winter

an evening movement immersion led by em boardway

fri. dec. 21

8-10p • $20

Join this evening event of meditation, breath, movement and community to celebrate Solstice, embody rituals of the winter season,​ and to re-member (to literally re-write your body’s story) your connection with the element of Earth.

Soma practitioner Em Boardway will guide the group into a deep rhythmic internal inquiry (part yoga, part dance, all embodied breath) to connect with the ‘somagraphy’ (the geography of our body) within our bones, legs and feet (body parts chosen to relate to earth/winter) to connect more deeply to our body, each other, the season, and this land.

10% of proceeds will go to Real Rent Duwamish. ​

embody witch: a soma yoga workshop

led by em boardway

sat. dec. 22

1-3p • $20

Soma Neuromuscular Integration® Practitioner Em Boardway will facilitate a deep internal somatic adventure of yoga based movement and will teach specific techniques for connecting with your inner Witch Healer Archetype for power-with time in our bodies. inquiry

​this is part one of a four part workshop offering-connecting archtypes with the seasons, three future workshops will explore power-with words, sex, and money.

​learn more about the purpose of this work and the importance of re-working relationship with your own inner witch-healer archetype at

10% of proceeds (gross) will go to Real Rent Duwamish to re-member who’s land we’re on in Seattle. All bodies are welcome.

yoga sound bath

led by jennifer issacson + daniella white​

sun. jan. 13 • 6:30-8p


ride waves of breath and sensation into the world of sound healing in an asana (movement) yoga practice + sound bath.

class will open with a brief grounding meditation, ease into an all levels balancing flow, and close with an extended, 30 minute savanna, all serenaded by daniella’s gong, crystal bowls and voice.

yoga and sound healing work together eases the brain into a meditative theta state which allows the body to heal and repair itself.

pre-registration recommended!

future Yoga sound baths: march 10 (registration open)

winter full moon balancing workshop

led by jennifer isaacson

sat. jan. 19

$40 • 4:30-7p​

Winter darkens our Northern skies 15 hours a day. Prepare for the Full Moon and find balance between dark and light.

Begin with pranayama (breathing techniques), flow into Chandra Namaskars (Moon Salutations), and explore the light of Kriyas (combining asana with pranayama). The practice will conclude with Yin Yoga to support the organs of Winter (kidneys + bladder) and close with meditation, chanting and Savasana. This workshop is open to all levels, some knowledge of yogic postures is helpful.

spring balancing workshop

led by jennifer isaacson

sat. mar. 2

$40 • 4:30-7p​

Transition into Spring using the elements as guides. Honor Earth, Water, Fire and Air by flowing through sequences that embody the elements.

Each sequence will close with a breathing exercise (pranayama) and meditation devoted to each of the elements : Bhumi (earth), Bala (water), Agni (fire) and Vayu (air). The practice will conclude with Yin Yoga to nourish the organs of Spring (liver + gallbladder). This workshop is open to all levels, some knowledge of yogic postures is helpful.

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