women’s breathwork circle

led by tai hubbert

wed. sept. 19

7-9p •​ $55

“the ceremony was the most profound healing experience i have had to date.” –t.f.

in the potent field that’s created when women come together in support of healing and awakening, you will engage an active, connected breathing technique to create the conditions for healing in your body, and reconnect to the wisdom that lies beyond any confusion, self-doubt, and sense of smallness.

in reclaiming the fullness of your breath, your body has the opportunity to discharge energetic holdings (from trauma, daily stressors, undigested emotional experiences, etc.) that consume your life force energy and limit your capacity to rest in your body with ease, clarity, joy, love, and power.

tai holds a strong, compassionate, and sacred container for deep work of the self, and you will receive individual support throughout the journey, including hands-on work and shamanic healing.

breathwork is of benefit to anyone interested in living one’s highest potential, and no prior experience is required. as this process can be physically and emotionally demanding, please contact tai(tai@swordandlotus.com) or ritual house of yoga prior to registration if you have any of the following conditions: pregnancy, severe hypertension or cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia, or recent major surgeries or communicable diseases.

chakra vinyasa

exploring energetic anatomy

led by sarah ilgenfritz

sept. 23 • 2-4p • $30

it’s not the meaning of life we seek, but our aliveness. once we have that the meaning of life is obvious. -anodea judith

The Chakras are a system of concentric energetic wheels in our bodies that govern the balance/imbalance relationship to some of our most basic personal rights: to be, to feel, to act, to love, to speak, to see, and to know.

in this workshop, Sarah leads a Vinyasa flow class with the Chakra system as her muse and modern psychology as the framework. This extended class will ask you to look through a new lens at the landscapes of your core using asana (movement), mantra (sound), and pranayama (breath), and will leave you with a visceral understanding of where your internal imbalances (i.e. opportunities!) lie.

kundalini BBq

led by Josephine edmondson

​sound by emma high

fri. sept. 28

7-9p •​ $30

this will be the last BBQ event for the foreseeable future.

hot dog! kundalini bbq is here...a 2 hour kundalini event led by josephine edmondson all set to the sound of emma high’s turntable music magic. this class offers a beautiful way for you to engage with yourself and your community in a safe, inclusive, fun environment.

kundalini breathwork is a sacred technology designed to effect and manage different states of consciousness, relaxation and well-being. balancing the glandular system, strengthening the nervous system, expanding your lung capacity, and purifying the blood are just a few of the benefits of kundalini.

no prior kundalini experience is needed to join. offer good while supplies last.​

Wellround Top to Tummy: Myofascial Release

led by betsy shilling​

sun. sept. 30

1-3pm •​ $40

In this workshop we will self-massage for two hours, unravelling and re-hydrating stuck connective tissue (fascia) in our upper-bodies. Join us to learn techniques not covered in Top to Toes and to review a few favorites! You’ll experience the profound benefits of self-massage using the Wellround myofascial release kit on your head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, ribcage and core to bring relief, awareness and understanding to painful places of tension in these areas. You will leave feeling relaxed and relieved with the insight and resources you need to begin integrating this empowering practice into your daily-wellness routine.

This workshop is truly for every body - no experience needed. If you have neck or shoulder tension, discomfort in your back, tension headaches, TMJ, digestive troubles or want help breathing more deeply, you really won’t want to miss this one!

upcoming date: 10/14, wellround tummy to toes. registration is open

sound bath

led by daniella white

wed. oct. 3

8-9p • $25

a sound bath is a therapeutic, improvised concert with crystal singing bowls, vocal toning, and gongs. during a sound bath you are bathed in vibration which helps you achieve a deep state of relaxation, where the brain entrains to the meditative theta state and the body moves into a process of healing and repairing itself.

find more information on what to bring on our ‘classes’ page.

if you purchase a spot for a friend, you must also make sure that THEY are pre-registered in the event online by their name or they won’t have a spot! Email us with any questions or for help.

​our sound bath events consistently reach capacity. pre-register in advance below.

future date: nov 7 registration is open


matt drews + josephine edmondson

sat. oct. 20

11a-1p •​​ $30

Through the magic of dance, yoga and breathwork you are invited to Woozy. A 2 hour movement practice that will activate anything feeling unsteady or dazed-out in your energetic system. A fleshy dance + yoga inspired practice guided by Matt Drews coupled with deep breathwork and meditation led by Josephine Edmondson, all cuddled in the luscious soundscapes of Emma High’s turntable magic. All levels and all people welcome. Healing can be fun. Let us show you. Time to fade closer to wholeness.​​

breathwork ceremony

led by tai hubbert

​sun. oct. 28th

4-6:30p •​ $65

“what an incredible introduction to breathwork. the ceremony was amazing, humbling, and life changing.” –n.s.

as the breath is the only function of the autonomic nervous system that can be consciously controlled, it serves as a potent gateway to healing, transformation, and liberation. ​

in this ceremony, you will engage an active, connected breathing technique to create a powerful healing state in the body in which old energetic holdings can be processed and released, and your lifeforce energy reclaimed.

in recalibrating the body to it’s natural state, one can experience greater physical energy and vitality, mental clarity, creativity and inspiration, ease of being, and capacity to feel empowered in life.

tai holds a strong, compassionate, and sacred container for deep work of the self, and you will receive individual support throughout the journey, including hands-on work and shamanic healing. this work serves as a transformative catalyst to living in greater alignment with one’s true nature, for the benefit of all.

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