ambient bliss: yin yoga and live music

led by leah adams and music by jon crane

sep 22• 7p-8:30p •​ $35

“bliss out” completely with a nourishing yin yoga class, set to an ambient soundtrack from musician jon crane. leah will lead a yin practice to wash away tension from your week, followed by a sound bath. while you decompress, jon’s tabla drums, hang drums, crystal bowls, and gongs will bathe you in soothing vibrations. join us for a deeply peaceful sonic session.

jon crane has a deep passion for sharing his excitement and love of music and how it can bring a greater sense of loving awareness to our lives. jon has leaned and worked with many teachers over the years such as ram das, krishna das, ty burhoe, jack kornfield, and zakir hussain.

What is Real: Choosing Love over Fear

taught by erika ramberg

sun sept 24 •​ 1-3:30p •​ $30

Join Erika for a workshop utilizing the yoga practice as a means to explore the question: what is real? Yoga philosophy tells us we are already enlightened, we have just forgotten the way. What led us astray? What is at the root of this misunderstanding?

The yoga sutras explain the root of this misunderstanding through the kleshas (afflictions). Due to avidya (ignorance), asmita (clinging to ego), raga (attachment), dvesha (aversion) and abinivesha (fear of death), we move into a false perception of ourselves in our world. We mistake our thoughts for reality. We confuse what is changing for what is permanent. We tell stories about our lives and thus cease to live them authentically.

Yoga empowers us see through this confusion and lends us bravery to connect to the relationship of direct experience. Through yoga asana we gain the opportunity to look at our attachments, aversions and fears head on, and begin to sort out what is real in our bodies, minds, and our relationships.

This workshop will begin with discussion and will move onto asana practice. We will approach postures that can bring up aversion or fear. And yes, this means some inversions. We’ll be sure to include meditation and will close with a guided relaxation to allow the transformative potential of the practice to take root.

This workshop is recommended for students with a base knowledge of yoga poses (asana practice).

breathwork ceremony

led by tai hubbert​

sun. sep. 24 • 4-6:30pm

$65 pre-registration required

“What an incredible introduction to breathwork. The ceremony was amazing, humbling, and life changing.” –N.S.

as the breath is the only function of the autonomic nervous system that can be consciously controlled, it serves as a potent gateway to healing, transformation, and liberation. ​

In this ceremony, you will engage an active, connected breathing technique to create a powerful healing state in the body in which old energetic holdings can be processed and released, and your lifeforce energy reclaimed.

In recalibrating the body to it’s natural state, one can experience greater physical energy and vitality, mental clarity, creativity and inspiration, ease of being, and capacity to feel empowered in life.

Tai holds a strong, compassionate, and sacred container for deep work of the Self, and you will receive individual support throughout the journey, including hands-on work and shamanic healing. This work serves as a transformative catalyst to living in greater alignment with one’s true Nature, for the benefit of all.

Kundalini BBQ

led by josephine edmondson + emma high

sep 29th • 7p - 9p • $25

sat nam!!! seattle’s best snack for the soul… kundalini bbq! a 2-hour breathwork meditation led by josephine edmondson, set to the sound of emma high’s turntable music magic. this powerful practice will relax the body, purify the blood, balance the glandular system and strengthen the nervous system. you will leave as a supercharged version of yourself. come expecting beautiful sound, invigorating breathwork, powerful meditation, deep creativity and an upgraded level of consciousness.

jump on securing your spot while supplies last… this practice is for everyone. all you need is to byob: bring your own body, and let’s blast off!

sound bath

led by daniella white

wed. oct. 4 & sun. Oct 22

8-9p • $20

our sound bath events consistently reach capacity. pre-register below.

a sound bath is a therapeutic, improvised concert with crystal singing bowls, vocal toning, and gongs. during a sound bath you are bathed in vibration which helps you achieve a deep state of relaxation, where the brain entrains to the meditative theta state and the body moves into a process of healing and repairing itself.

find more information on what to bring on our ‘classes’ page.

it is truly a treat to be hosting daniella at ritual house. we hope you can join us! these events do sell out in advance. if you are interested, reserve your space online!

•Important•  if you purchase a spot for a friend, you must also make sure that THEY are pre-registered online by their name or they won’t have a spot! Email us with any questions or for help.

​future dates:  10/4, 10/22, 11/1, 12/6 

soft serve

breathwork + restorative yoga swirled together

led by josephine edmondson | music by emma high

october 6 • 7-9p • $25

There is no sweeter treat than breathwork and restorative yoga swirled together. the cherry on top of this soft serve bliss will be the magic soundscapes of emma high’s turntable music magic.​

the focus of this entire sweet treat workshop will be on active relaxation. if you want to relieve the effects of chronic stress, discomfort, and dis-ease in your body, this workshop is for you.​​

In this two hour workshop, Josephine Edmondson will guide you in a specific breathwork technique that will motivate trapped energy to move through and out of you. This breathwork releases stuck and stagnant emotions that are blocking you from reaching your fullest expression of self.

Breathwork is W O R K and that’s why we will take the second half of our time together to melt in passive restorative poses, supported by various props. Each shape will stimulate and relax the body, moving it towards balance.

This experience is taught for ALL LEVELS of practitioner. jump on this tasty treat while the cones are hot!​ and come chill the fudge out.

​[future dates: 11/10]

sunday sadhana

led by tai hubbert​

sun. oct. 8 • 9:30-11:30a

$25 pre-reg • $30 day of

“When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.” –Thich Nhat Hanh

Join Tai every month at ritual house for a holistic practice that engages the various limbs of yoga to support personal growth and discovery, on and off the mat.

Each Sunday session is crafted around a theme of inquiry drawing from yogic and perennial philosophy, including a dharma talk and all-levels asana practice that integrates refined asana work, breath, mantra, and somatic practices to support increasing awareness and discernment (viveka). The sadhana will conclude with a long shavasana and seated meditation to support integration, surrender, and alignment in the verticality of Being.

This series will resonate with advancing practitioners seeking to lean into the deeper essence of the teachings for increasing awareness and wakefulness, along with focused asana work and study of the forms to develop a rich and fruitful practice.

women’s breathwork circle

led by tai hubbert

wed. oct. 11 • 7-9p​ • $55

“The ceremony was the most profound healing experience I have had to date.” –T.F.

In the potent field that’s created when women come together in support of healing and awakening, you will engage an active, connected breathing technique to create the conditions for healing in your body, and reconnect to the wisdom that lies beyond any confusion, self-doubt, and sense of smallness.

In reclaiming the fullness of your breath, your body has the opportunity to discharge energetic holdings (from trauma, daily stressors, undigested emotional experiences, etc.) that consume your life force energy and limit your capacity to rest in your body with ease, clarity, joy, love, and power.

Tai holds a strong, compassionate, and sacred container for deep work of the Self, and you will receive individual support throughout the journey, including hands-on work and shamanic healing.

Breathwork is of benefit to anyone interested in living one’s highest potential, and no prior experience is required. As this process can be physically and emotionally demanding, please contact Tai ( or ritual house of yoga prior to registration if you have any of the following conditions: pregnancy, severe hypertension or cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia, or recent major surgeries or communicable diseases.

donation yoga class benefitting julie andres

co-taught by julie andres, troy lucero, liz doyle + daniella white

oct 14. 6-8pm

suggested donation $40

Ritual House is holding a very special event to honor and support our teacher Julie Andres as she navigates through her experience with breast cancer. This class will be taught in collaboration with friends and fellow teachers: Troy Lucero, Liz Doyle, and Daniella White. this will be a 2 hour class with components of meditation, vinyasa, restorative yoga, and sound healing.

all donations will go directly to julie’s medical and recovery bills. ​please pre-register through our website to ensure a spot in class, but make all donations for the event through julie’s go fund me page:

​Learn more about Julie’s journey here:

right side up

all levels inversion workshop

taught by lara ederer

oct 14 • 1p - 3p • $35​

Would you like to overcome fears and develop more deep inner confidence? Bring more balance and poise into every aspect of your life? Inversions are often regarded as the most powerful group of yoga postures yet are often intimidating.

The usefulness of inversions extend not only to the heart of the physical body but also to mental tranquility. Conquer the fear of going upside down by understanding a basic step by step process. In this workshop you will learn modifications that create support and a safe place for exploring when we turn our bodies upside down....or maybe right side up! This workshop will explore shoulder stand, variations of headstand, forearm stand, and handstand. We will also incorporate some core / shoulder strengthening work as well as some pre/post inversions therapeutics.

All levels are welcome as options and variations will be given for the beginner to the advanced practitioners. Practical entrances to dramatic exits will be presented as well!

Yoga sound bath

led by Jennifer Isaacson + sound bath by daniella white

sun. nov. 12 • 7-8:30p • $35

Ride waves of breath and sensation into the mystic world of sound healing. Open with a brief grounding meditation, ease into gentle/all level chakra balancing flows, and indulge in an extended 30 minute savasana serenaded by Daniella’s gong, crystal bowls and voice. Yoga and sound healing work together, easing the brain into a meditative theta state which allows the body to heal and repair itself.​

pre registration highly recommended.

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