ritual house of yoga: integrated vinyasa teacher training

spring training application is available!

enrollment opens 1/1/20 on first application come, first enrolled basis

info@ritualhouseseattle.com for information and application

the fall Training group is closed for enrollment.

training will meet weekly on wednesday 6-9p, thursday 6-9p, and saturday 12:00-6:30p. email us with questions or for the application!

​fall training leads: linnea jensen, jennifer isaacson, josephine edmondson

fall guest teachers: betsy shilling, lara ederer, damithia nieves, terilyn wyre, emily parzybok, sarah ilgenfritz, sarah pohl

training meets in ritual house room 2. click ‘studio’ tab above for more info.​

breathwork ceremony

led by tai hubbert​

sun. oct 20

4-6:30p •​​ $65 • room 2​​

“what an incredible introduction to breathwork. the ceremony was amazing, humbling, and life changing.” –n.s.

as the only function of the autonomic nervous system that can be consciously influenced, the breath is one of the most powerful tools available to affect systemic change and to support holistic well-being. in this experiential and therapeutic journey, you will be guided in a process of conscious, connected breathing to liberate non-productive patterns held in the body (and mind), and reconnect to your own rooted presence.

as a somatic healing modality, breathwork can serve as a powerful adjunct to traditional psychotherapy ­– a vehicle to access that which lies beyond the reach of the conscious mind. it can also catalyze expanded states of awareness in which profound insight and understanding can be illuminated. as such, breathwork serves one’s capacity to meet life from a place of greater presence, authenticity, resilience, and empowerment.

tai holds a strong, compassionate, and sacred container for deep work of the soul, and you will receive individual healing support throughout the journey. for more information about the nature of this work and preparation for the ceremony, please visit tai’s website: http://www.swordandlotus.com/aboutbreathwork

**although this practice is simple in technique, it can be strong in effect. if any of the conditions apply to you, please contact tai (tai@swordandlotus.com) to discuss further prior to registering: pregnancy, severe hypertension or cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia, recent major surgeries, or history of significant trauma.

these ceremonies are limited to 15 participants and regularly reach capacity. pre-register in advance below.

workshops are held in studio room 2, next door. click ‘studio’ tab above for more info

future dates-enrollment open: 11/3, 12/1

women’s breathwork circle

led by tai hubbert​

fri. oct 27

6:30-9p •​​ $65* • room 2​​

“the ceremony was the most profound healing experience i have had to date.” –t.f.


*women’s circle are open to 15 women (anyone identifying as female) each month *pre-registration required ($65); read through cancelation information for this event below.​

In the potent field that’s created when women come together in support of healing, integration, and growth, you will be guided in an experiential and therapeutic journey of conscious breathing to support greater flow, freedom, and clarity in your body, and in your life.

As the only function of the Autonomic Nervous System that can be consciously influenced, the breath is a powerful tool to affect systemic change and support holistic wellbeing. In engaging a continuous breath within a safe container of support, you can unwind non-productive patterns and liberate tension and trauma (and related old stories) held in the body, and influence the nervous system response so you can meet life from a place of greater presence, equanimity, resilience, sovereignty, and empowerment.

This form of breathwork - similar to Rebirthing and Transformational styles - can also be a catalyst for expanded states of awareness, in which profound insight and understanding can be illuminated, as well as reconnection to a depth of presence that is beyond the limits of the thinking mind.

Tai holds a strong, compassionate, and sacred container for deep work of the soul, and you will receive individual healing support throughout the journey. For more information about the nature of this work and preparation for the ceremony, please visit Tai’s website: http://www.swordandlotus.com/aboutbreathwork

**Although this practice is simple in technique, it can be strong in effect. If any of the conditions apply to you, please contact Tai (tai@swordandlotus.com) to discuss further prior to registering: pregnancy, severe hypertension or cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia, recent major surgeries, or history of significant trauma.

the fine print:

registration for RH events are non-refundable within 48hrs of the event start time and are non-transferrable (for another event, or to another person).

studio doors lock promptly at the start of all events to protect the privacy + belongings of students, as well as to promote sanctity of space in the yoga room once an event has started. additionally, we do not have a studio phone; please email us (info@ritualhouseseattle.com) if you need support in any way! ​

future dates-enrollment open: 12/13

day christensen
guided classes + workshop intensives at ritual house

nov. 8th - 10th

$50/session • $250/full weekend

registration is open for individual sessions or the entire weekend.

the day1yoga method is taught within the same framework as the traditional mysore style, meaning that there is one on one instruction and guidance, minus the strict, dogmatic adherence to the ashtanga sequencing, but rather a practice that utilizes postural assessments and accommodates to each individual student’s particular set of needs, injuries, and biases. considerations and teaching includes: short sequences of asanas; overviews for understanding why postural assessment is so vital for a healthy, safe and enduring yoga practice; anatomical explanations on functional movement within the yoga practice; optional therapeutic sequences for both mobility and strength.​​

weekend schedule (all held in room 2):

11/8 friday 6-8p | functional movement part 1: The Spine and Pelvis via Symmetrical Postures, Forward Bending and Backward Bending​

11/9​ saturday morning 9-10:45a | guided primary

11/9 saturday midday 11:30-1:30p | functional movement part 2: The Hips and Pelvis, Mobilty via Asymmetrical Postures​

11/10 sunday morning 9-10:45a | guided primary

11/10 sunday midday 11:30-1:30p | functional movement part 3: the Shoulders, Stability via the Vinyasas

about day:

Drawn to the elusive peacefulness and glow that so many yoga practitioners seemed to have, while connecting with yogic philosophy, Day Christensen took up the practice of yoga in 2004. Starting out, she took classes that fit her schedule, but quickly became drawn to the Mysore style practice of Ashtanga yoga, where students were taught in a relatively silent room with one on one instruction. There, in this environment, she recognized that the student’s potential for growth super-ceeded what she had experienced in other styles of yoga that utilized the more typical “guided” method of teaching.

It was then that she began to schedule around her yoga practice, and her life of late nights and unhealthy habits did a 180. After immersing herself in Ashtanga and the Mysore method, taking trips to Mysore, India to study where the practice was born within the lineage of those who created it, on her third trip to India, Day was given the blessing to teach as an Authorized Level 2 teacher.

However, shortly after that time, suffering from persistent back pain, Day found that the system with its hierarchy of postures and repetitive movements could actually be more harmful than helpful. Through the process and years of learning to heal and recover from back pain, Day finally was able to break free of the cookie cutter method of giving all students the same sequences of postures meant to be learned and repeated 6 days a week, sometimes for years and years on end with no variation in asanas or movement patterns.

With this new perspective due to her own pain caused by repetitive movement, she recognized that the system of learning yoga asanas can be improved: groups of asanas should be given according to each student’s current and developing postural needs. “The how” being the Mysore Method of one on one instruction where each person in the room is able to work according to their own needs, ability, and pace, was and is the most effective way to learn and grow. But “the what” of specific series and order of postures MUST be re-assessed.

Thus, The DAY1YOGA Method was born: A tailored and customizable practice, minus posture- or series-hierarchy, (zero delineation between “advanced” and “beginner” students), just students, people with issues, all there for the healing and strengthening modality that yoga should be.

sound bath

led by Daniella white

wed. nov 11th

8-9p • $30 • room 1

a sound bath is a therapeutic, improvised concert with crystal singing bowls, vocal toning, and gongs. during a sound bath you are bathed in vibration which helps you achieve a deep state of relaxation, where the brain entrains to the meditative theta state and the body moves into a process of healing and repairing itself.

find more information on what to bring on our ‘classes’ page.

•important• if you purchase a spot for a friend, you must also make sure that they are pre-registered in the event online by their name or they won’t have a spot! email us with any questions or for help.

our sound bath events consistently reach capacity. pre-register in advance below.

future sound bath dates-enrollment open: 12/4

wellround release

a full-body myofascial release practice

led by betsy shilling

sun. nov. 24th

​2-4p • $40 • room 2

You have layers. They need love. come experience the profound benefits of self-massage for your whole body and being. in this workshop we will spend two hours learning simple and effective techniques of deep tissue self-massage while unravelling stuck connective tissue (fascia) from our top to our toes.

we will work with the wellround myofascial release kit that is specially designed to bring relief and understanding to our painful places of muscle and fascial tension. self-myofascial release is like a deep tissue massage you give yourself and has many benefits including reducing pain, stress, stiffness and recovery time, while improving mood, sleep quality, digestion, mobility, athletic performance and more.

You will leave feeling relaxed and open with the insight and resources you need to begin integrating this empowering practice into your daily-wellness routine.

this workshop is truly for every body - no experience needed. if you have a body and it hurts sometimes, this workshop is for you!

urban retreat: silence is...

led by emily parzybok

future dates coming soon

spend a day in guided silence exploring the practice perspective + observation. silent practice and group silence can be an incredible tool for relaxation, introspection and discovery.

we will come together in the morning at ritual house and explore silence in these experiences:

9-930am: seated meditation

930-1030am: active yoga practice (guided)

1030-1130am: walking meditation to vol. park

1130-1230: lunch and break/journal* (byo lunch)

1230-1: seated meditation

1-2: yin practice and contemplation

2-230: walking meditation

230-3: contemplation, reflection and closing

silent retreat can be a powerful experience. it can also sound a bit intimidating. if you’re new to silent retreat or have questions for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out. because we are only spending about 6 hours in silence, this might actually be a great way to discover this practice without feeling overwhelmed on a longer retreat!

*bring your own lunch and journal. this will help us keep enrollment cost accessible!

note on payment/pricing: in an effort to make this retreat accessible to almost all we have priced it as low as we can and are covering costs. if you are willing + able, you can make an optional dana donation the day of the retreat. 100% will go to emily for her time and teaching. we have also reserved

a limited number of free spots for registration. please email us if you are interested in attending the retreat but can not register for $25. info@ritualhouseseattle.com​​

tune in + Drop out

led by jennifer isaacson

cello by emily bryan

new date coming soon

Tune into the resonance of cello and while dropping into the support of a gentle yoga practice. Get out of your mind and into your body with Emily Bryan’s healing music and Jennifer Isaacson’s inspired yoga. Live music composed to nurture the nervous system and yoga designed to release stress from body. Begin with a brief grounding meditation, ease into an gentle/inclusive flow, and dive into an extended savasana serenaded by Emily’s soulful sounds. This workshop is open to anyone wanting to experience movement with music.

A graduate of the jazz composition department at Berklee College of Music, Emily’s musical background is expansive and eclectic. Born and raised in Portland, OR she began playing cello at 5 and was brought up surrounded by music of all kinds. She currently works as a music teacher, inspiring others to strengthen their inherent bond to the healing powers of sound. Emily completed her 200 hour yoga certification through Ritual House in 2019. Throughout the transient nature of life, music and yoga has given Emily the ability to connect, explore, and stay grounded.

In 1997, Jennifer began studying yoga in college. Her first impression humbled her physical strength and mental focus. For 22 years, Jennifer has used yoga to observe her mind, body and environment. Jennifer is honored to support your experience and understanding of yoga using humor, honesty and creativity.​

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