ritual house is open for classes, and workshops online, however right now we are on a schedule pause from July 3-july 24. this is the last thing we want to do, but is essential to us continuing as a studio beyond the summer. please see our call to action if you are inclined, on the events page.
our brick + mortar is open for in person visits-visit our events page to learn when. we would love to see you and say hi!
stay well beautiful people.
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sound bath

led by daniella white

we are taking july off of collaborating on this event. check back for the August date! 

a sound bath is a therapeutic, improvised concert with crystal singing bowls, vocal toning, and gongs. during a sound bath you are bathed in vibration which helps you achieve a deep state of relaxation, where the brain entrains to the meditative theta state and the body moves into a process of healing and repairing itself. find more information on what to bring on our ‘classes’ page.

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